Emmy award winning studio that takes ideas from concept to creation for feature film, TV & games 

Adam Jeffcoat

Adam Jeffcoat

StudioNX is run by Adam Jeffcoat and Jim Bryson, who co-direct all of the projects. They both graduated from the highly regarded classical animation program at Sheridan College, Canada. For the first 6 years StudioNX produced over 25 interstitials, shorts and commercials for their core client, Nick Jr. In 2009, they also created and produced the animated series 'The Carrot and Rabbit show' for Nickelodeon.

From 2009 to 2012, StudioNX produced numerous 2d shorts for London based animation house Bluezoo, for clients including Cbbc, Sky News, Shell, DHL, Barclays, Random House & CITV. They also worked as Storyboard supervisors & concept artists for the popular Cbeebies series 'Tree Fu Tom'.

Jim Bryson

Jim Bryson

In 2012 Adam and Jim co-created 'Niko and the Sword of Light' along with Imaginism Studios. StudioNX wrote, directed and produced the project while Imaginism provided background art and color scripts. The animated comic reached no 1 on the iOS appstore worldwide and was downloaded over 275k times.

StudioNX then pitched the project to Amazon Studios and after the pilot won an Emmy, the series was greenlit and is currently in Season 02. The show has since been further nominated for several Annie & Emmy awards and has received critical praise for its originality, rich characters, fantastical worlds and its positive, empowering theme for its young viewers.




'StudioNX have always been a complete pleasure to work with. Not only are they reliable but they produce beautiful work that's completely engaging - & slightly bonkers!' 

Jane Laffey, Senior Producer - Nickelodeon UK

'StudioNX never fail in their ability to bring animations to life with great style, they are always a pleasure to work with!' 

Tom Box, Director and Co-owner - Bluezoo