The Animated ABC Book!

This is our first ipad book!  It's a simple, animated ABC book for children learning to read.  We created all the animations in Adobe flash and put it together using Ibooks author for the mac.  Overall, it was a pretty fun project to work on, as the ibooks author program is really user freindly and once all the animation was complete it was just a matter of dropping in the quicktime files onto the pages.  All the illustrations were sketched out by hand, scanned into Photoshop, then cleaned up and animated in flash.  I like to use flash mx for the animation because I find the drawing tools are much better in that version.  Then we recorded all the animal sounds in audacity which was really fun, but maybe not so fun for the neighbors to have to hear.  Anyway, here are some samples of the animations that can be found in the book.  We have tested the app out on some friends kids and they really seem to have fun with it! #ipad #kidsapps #educational #learniongapp #ibooks